Choy Li Fut

Choy Li Fut is an external practice mid to full range attack and high-octane offensive technique developed in Guandong province in China as measure to defend their town against bandits.
Chan Jeung developed and established the Choy Li Fut system, to honor the buddhist monk, Choy Fook, who taught him Choy Gar, and Li Yau-San who taught him Li Gar, plus his uncle Chan Yuen-Woo who taught him Fut Gar.

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300 year old technique.

Alex Arceo is a 5th generation Hung Sing Practitioner


Thursday 5:30 PM to 6:45 PM

Saturday 3:00 PM to 4:25 PM

Sunday 05:00 PM to 6:25 PM (If Main style only)

Special Days: Call for Availability

Choy Lee Fut Wooden Dummy

Choy Lee Fut Ching Jong

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