Journey begins

The Challenge

With today’s lifestyle, its hard to find time to take care of ourselves. There are plenty of options- Gym, Home Self-Training, walking, martial arts (an array to choose from) and so on.

The Plea

Joining our school is unique because not only that you will learn a specialty martial art, you will de-stress, acquire new skill set, and socialize with people by whom has the same interest and perhaps common a goal!

The Target

What is Kung Fu?  According to Britannica: The term Kung fu can also signify careful preparation for the performance of any skillful endeavor without interference from the intellect or emotions. Kung Fu is also equated as a Martial (Combat) skill. Kung Fu has a wide variety of choices- but can be bucketed into two section, simply put, Internal and External practice.

Under Internal, people can study and learn the concepts and practices of Tai-Chi/ Qi going/ Nei gong, whereas the external, people can learn the concepts and practices of Northern Shaolin, Wing Chun, Choy Lee Fut, Praying/ Preying Mantis, Hung Gar movements. to name a few.

Both Soft and Hard Styles uses open hand techniques and utilizes weapon.

Kung Fu is a perfect opportunity to disconnect from the digital world for a few minutes, explore and expand knowledge both physically and mentally.


The result is quite dynamic- depends on training, the amount of time and effort that the practitioner put-in. If practiced consistently, the outcome is a good positive development.

I invite you Join me in this Kung Fu Learning adventure!

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