Kung Fu Lineage

One of our esteemed students recently visited a Chicago Wing Chun Kwoon and were asked of our lineage. Our student was embarrassed that he was unable to provide our lineage- I told him, “It’s okay, they should be embarrassed that they asked you that”. That being said, I were brought up as a Kung Fu practitioner as to ask what the other school lineage is as it is our ethics to have a formal conversation with such whenever theres a serious exchange of hand conversation is to take place also when a new student is interested in learning from our Kwoon. I did not understand it at first, however my SiFu always look at that question as if its abrasive.

Lineage as to the roots and history of the practitioner matters in the community for the reason that it validates the technique to have its true origin, is the comment that I have received- I answered back, but why would I lie about my knowledge when the practices and discipline would validate that when a true practitioner sees it?

I suppose to each his own. I leave that a an open question and somehow should I come across that question in the future, that I may have a better insight as I would be with most likelihood, older and hopefully, by then, wiser.

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