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  1. Hello.
    We are very interested in your activities. My name is Otabek Karimov. Originally from Uzbekistan. My children have been studying with Wushu Taolu for 5 years. They have already been champions of Uzbekistan and Central Asia several times. We will be very glad if you address our request. As a father, I am very concerned about the future development of children and wanted to ask you about training at a professional level, the cost of classes and living in the academy. Is there an opportunity for professional training of athletes from other countries of the world.

    1. Hello Mr. Karimov! I hope that this finds you well. Thank you for for your interest. At this time we do not have accommodations and the Arceo Kung Fu Association is operating on a basis of non-boarding school/studio. Hence at this point or fees are irrelevant to your needs. It is good that you have your children performing at a higher level, please encourage them to do better! At this point in time I am unable to make recommendation that may extend the training of your children. Again my deepest gratitude for your interest. humbly- Master Alex.

  2. Are your classes Online

    1. Hi Barry.! We are a brick and mortar place, at this time we are not.

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