Getting jumped! – What to do?

My old folks went back to their old stomping grounds in NYC too visit. They were excited and looked forward to that trip since its one of those places in their hearts to be familiar- Now let me get this straight, this is not a political opinion, just stating my observation! Now as soon as both my parents have settled in at my brother’s place, they were told that they cannot be outside since they are vulnerable to attack!

It’s a sad state really thinking that once it was the best place for tourists, now most of the visitors are awed by the place, at a distance, looking through the window. I understand that we cannot control what happens and sometimes we have to take risks to reap the benefits of our goal, however, this instance is somewhat you would expect from a “fifth-world country” (If theres such a place?), lawless and consumed with hate and uncertainty. There are still plenty of safe spaces in the United States, exceptional cities, but mostly suburbia. Now the question remains, what do we do when we get harassed or mugged? It is easy to say punch them! or defend yourself Or even- just give them what they want its just money.

I bring this up as a voice where as a human being, what has changed? Made me think- what can I do as an individual to change things?

First question and in my humble opinion, what changed its the speed of information as we receive them- These Social Media tools are really effective in disseminating information, forcing other mediums to compete with the information superhighway.

As humans, you would think that we’ve evolved instead of regressed. I don’t know, Im not an expert on the subject matter nor any other subjects. One thing though, I observed that the sanctity of one’s life isn’t as valued like before. but then again, we are are at our utmost self, are naturally violent. I don’t mean outward violence, but we are all violent ever since the beginning of our existence (think about that!) Again – not an expert- just observing.

Second question, will I be able to effectively teach these younglings or anyone who steps into the school to learn the basic principles of “stand up and defend” themselves? At this point only time can tell- People and their ideas are judged by history.

Back to the question of getting jumped, what do you do? There are ways to do it-There is the tool, which is a gun, effective really as long as properly trained,, but what if it isn’t there? Knife? ohh! the dreaded knife, you need to be well versed with this tool to use it, chances are you are probably good using it at your kitchen (as I am) and what if it isn’t there? Sticks/ Staves? perhaps the safest tool to fend off bad guys, what if it isn’t there? It al boils down to your hands and feet. Strike when struck and once an opening is found, stay away from the incident. don’t hang out,, dont be that person.

This leads me to the next statement.

Martial Arts has evolved. A LOT! However, there are 2 principle that is true and tested, remained as the unwritten oath of the practitioner- First, defend yourself and those that you love and Second, Defend the weak. Its best to start training on something than nothing!

Personally, it doesnt matter which discipline you choose, its up to you- The only suggestion is that- Get up and train!!!. 15 minutes to one hour a day is good enough; again you owe it to your body to be healthy as it will take you to places that you want to go to and achieve all the life-long goals that you have set- and perhaps when the need arises, you can apply what you have learned (I hope that you stay safe!)-PLEASE START TRAINING!

In closing- Should you decide to try with me, I will consider it an honor and will try my best to help you meet your goal, I will share with you the knowledge that were passed on to me and will guide your training as appropriate, that is my pledge!

If not, I consider myself lucky that you’ve taken the time read this post!

Nonetheless, Good luck! and God Bless!

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